Thursday, 10 July 2014


Hey guys, what were you doing on the lazy Sunday?
I was spending my whole day in sewing a double sided notebook cover for my new toy. The cover used for protecting the surface and also fit exactly to the notebook size with stretch elastic that i found from my mama's box. And the fabrics used were bought from BB QUIT in Pasar Malaysia that introduced by my best friend's mum who has the same passion with me. All the fabric bought in good quality and some of the fabrics are actually imported from KOREA, well, i am totally a Kpop follower!!!
Let's have a look, i put a cotton between the fabrics to make it have more protection for the case.
Checked patterned fabric to be the other side of the cover and it is my favour side to use.

I always in love with double sided made as it can be bought in one price >.<

kindly drop me a message if you have any enquiries in ordering it :)
 I feel lucky enough to do what i love and share with all of you, thanks for reading and stay tune to my next post! Have a nice day :) 
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